Colonel Paul - Historian, Musician, TV Personality
     Colonel Paul was born in New Orleans and has lived in Louisiana and Alabama all of his life. Trained as an Historian specializing in French and Spanish Colonial History in the Southeast, Colonel Paul has a love of Louisiana’s culture and cuisine that has led him in many different directions. From a Tour Guide in the New Orleans French Quarter, to working as a Line Chef in a major Hotel. From teaching about Louisiana’s culinary History, to even playing percussion in a Cajun band for a time. (The Colonel still fancies himself as the finest spoon player in South Louisiana this side of Bayou Teche).

Colonel Paul began cooking and mixing spices while living and working in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the mid - 80’s. Using his Historical insight, The Colonel began studying old Louisiana cookbooks from the 19th Century in an effort to learn how Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole ancestors prepared and seasoned their food. It was through his intense study going back to colonial times, that he learned about the development of Louisiana’s diverse culinary traditions as well as the differences between Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Based upon his extensive research, Colonel Paul wanted to create a seasoning blend that accurately reflected the way that his colonial forebears seasoned their food. A seasoning blend which emphasized those herbs and spices that were traditionally used in the Louisiana cooking of old. The result came in 1993 with his creation of Colonel Paul’s Cajun Seasoning. This all natural seasoning is carefully blended to give your food the authentic taste and flavor of the Louisiana bayou country. Also, Colonel Paul’s Cajun Seasoning is offered to you in Mild, Medium, or Hot n’ Spicy, so that you can have true Cajun flavor at whatever heat level is right for you to enjoy.

This was followed the next year with the creation of Colonel Paul’s Creole Spice, another all natural seasoning which reflects the flavors of old Creole New Orleans. Very finely ground, Colonel Paul’s Creole Spice is a nice light seasoning that emphasizes the delicate yet complex flavors that the Creole cuisine of old New Orleans is famous throughout the World for. It is perfect to use either while cooking or at the table like salt and pepper to enhance your food with a succulent Creole New Orleans aroma.

In addition to mixing Spices, Colonel Paul has also made numerous Television appearances across the Country preparing delicious recipes with his own unique brand of Southern humor. He loves to share the abundant joy he feels in Louisiana Culture and Cuisine by also conducting cooking demos and teaching classes about Louisiana’s culinary heritage - both on Television and in person.

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