Colonel Paul’s Television Projects
     Colonel Paul is currently involved in three exciting and very unique Television projects which utilize his numerous and varied talents. He has shot two Pilots for two new and very original cooking programs, Cookin’ with the Colonel, and Colonel Paul’s Cooking Through the Ages; and he is in the final stages of completing a script for a new Documentary entitled The History of the Evolution of Louisiana Cuisine.

"Cookin' with the Colonel"-

Cookin’ with the Colonel is a multi-dimensional 90-Second cooking short perfect for airing on local morning shows and noon news broadcasts. It Stars the talented and energetic Colonel William Paul who humorously prepares a specific dish each day in real time set to a lively musical background of Dixieland Jazz or Ragtime. The Colonel’s Program features Comedy, Historical anecdotes, and in addition presents each prepared dish with an elegant Place Setting. All of these ingredients combine together to make Cookin’ with the Colonel informative, entertaining, and down right fun!

"Colonel Paul’s Cooking Through the Ages"-

Colonel Paul’s Cooking Through the Ages is a culinary adventure through time in which the Colonel prepares various recipes from different time periods in the World’s Culinary History. In each episode the Colonel very interestingly discusses a previous period in World Culinary History, using stills and file footage, while he entertainingly prepares a menu from that period set to a lively musical background. Colonel Paul educationally examines the cooking characteristics and family traditions of many different periods of Western Culinary History journeying all the way back to the year 1450 B.C. The Colonel energetically reviews numerous culinary styles that have influenced Western Cuisine down through the ages and then demonstrates how to prepare a meal from each period in a modern kitchen. Finally, Colonel Paul presents each meal with an artistic, thematic place setting followed by a humorous conclusion.

"The History of the Evolution of Louisiana Cuisine"-

The History of the Evolution of Louisiana Cuisine is a Documentary which examines the major Ethnic influences and their contributions to the development of Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole Cuisine. The Program traces the evolution of the development of Louisiana Cuisine going back to its colonial roots and demonstrates how each different Ethnic group which colonized the State contributed to its rich culinary heritage. This ambitious project Utilizes file footage, Historical re-enactors, and is narrated by the Colonel himself. Given the Colonel’s numerous and varied talents, this Documentary promises to be a most informative as well as highly entertaining venture.

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